Are You Between Your 50th Birthday and Becoming Work Optional?

Are you between your 50th birthday and work being optional? If so, keep reading to learn about my offer of something priceless to you, for nothing. If not, pass this information along to someone you know. It’s that important.

In America today, there are millions of people1 between their 50th birthday and making work optional. Most of the money these people have saved (and will save over the next five, ten, or fifteen years) is going to be directed into retirement investment accounts. This may well become the most money they’ve ever accumulated in their lives.

Chances are you are one of these people. You are currently saving for when work is optional. And if you are like most Americans, you find yourself behind — sometimes way behind — the eight-ball on retirement accumulating money to make work optional.

You also realize that you have no plan and that you need to get one right quickly.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but retirement only has two outcomes. True as the sun rising in the east, there are only two outcomes:

Outcome # 1: The money outlives the people. Through this door lies all earthly happiness in having made work optional. First, we know that we’re in the process of being outlived by our money. And that allows us to preserve the two most important qualities of life in retirement: our dignity and our independence.

Beyond that, the miracle of equities—seeing our capital continue to grow even as our withdrawals increase to keep pace with our living costs—allows us to intervene meaningfully in the lives of those we love. We may help fund the education of our grandchildren, leave significant legacies to our heirs, and perhaps repay in some measure the blessings we received from our church, school, or hospital.  

All of this happiness proceeds from – and only from—Outcome # 1.

The only alternative is Outcome # 2.

Outcome # 2: The people outlive the money. Through this door: the gradual extinction of dignity and independence. The death of any hope of a legacy.

Now imagine I’m sitting there next to you asking you these next questions. 

Do you know exactly how much money it’s going to take for you to be able to comfortably make work optional—and to remain comfortably retired?

Personally, I have instant respect for someone who has the courage to admit to someone that he doesn’t know his retirement number. In other words, “No” isn’t merely the only honest answer, but a brave one. Now, how about the second question…

Would you like me to sit with you, and help you figure it out—understanding that there’ll be no cost to you in my doing that, nor any obligation?

There you have it. I just offered to help you figure out your retirement number—the amount of capital you will have to accumulate by your planned retirement date. That’s the very first thing everyone needs to know—you can’t make a plan for reaching a goal until you know what that goal is—and I have just offered to determine it with and for you without cost or obligation. 

Thus, as promised: the offer of something priceless, for nothing.

I see this as saving souls. And I believe it’s why I was sent into this world. To save one family at a time, hurtling towards retirement.

So how does this work? Well, I’d ask that you call my office at 913-653-8783 or email me directly You can learn more about me and my company at Read through my past blogs to get a sense of my personality.

Pick up your phone and either call me now or send me an email. Most initial meetings take about 30 minutes. We have hot coffee, cold sodas, water, teas, and for afternoon appointments, you could even make an adult drink. (For some people money talk is quite stressful. We certainly understand after more than a decade of helping people like you.)