September 8, 2021

Have You Ever Thought of Selling Your Business?

If you’ve ever thought of selling your business, Smart Planning Helps the Dream Come True! On a trip I took last year, I bravely walked through the San Francisco airport wearing a Chiefs jersey. The looks I got were priceless. There were a few fun shout-outs here and there, but mostly San Fran still seemed a bit sore about losing Super Bowl LIV with an end-of-game flameout. Joe, behind the airport café counter said, “What a great victory for Kansas City and depressing loss for San Francisco — right when the 49ers had victory within their grasp! This is gonna […]
September 8, 2021

Top Reasons For Business Success

There’s enough negativity in this world. From social media to newspapers to TV, haters and critics abound. As I read a recent list from Entrepreneur Magazine and Yahoo! about the top reasons for business failure, I decided to write a list on the top reasons for business success by today’s fantastic entrepreneurs. Take these with a grain of salt – they are all my opinions after 27 years in the business world. Purpose and Direction. Business owners who are clear on their purpose and why their company exists are better communicators with their team and their clients. They tend to […]
March 19, 2020

React… by not Reacting

We know when there is global panic, it can’t help but to spill over into our families. We know a lot of people are concerned. While we haven’t had a ton of panicked client calls, (we are proactively dialing out as fast as we can), and our clients tell us repeatedly, “you have trained us well”, we have had a few folks who are nervous about current events. And those few prompted this outreach. It’s natural to fear the unknown. We are all human. And when “they” yell long enough, and loud enough, that the sky is falling, we all […]
March 12, 2020

Investment Strategy vs. Managing Investments… Aesop on Finance – Part Five

When it comes to investing, almost everyone would agree that it is smart to have an investment strategy. Using a strategy, as opposed to “just winging it” or “going with your gut”, can help prevent you from making decisions based on emotions or snap judgments. That’s important, because emotional decisions can cause people to experience more volatility and take on more risk than they can afford. That is why I always ask prospective clients, “What’s your investment strategy?” Some people blink and admit they don’t have one. Others just shrug and say, “A little of this, a little of that.” […]
March 5, 2020

Don’t let greed burden you… Aesop on Finance – Part 4

Need vs. Greed Recently, I’ve been thinking about investing. “What’s so special about that?” you’re probably wondering. After all, I am a financial advisor, so it’s my job to think about investing. But lately, my thoughts have taken on a slight twist. “Why do we invest at all?” is the question I’ve been pondering. It’s a question all investors should be asking themselves. Generally speaking, there are two broad reasons why people invest their hard-earned money. The first reason: simply because they want more of it. Some people want as much money as possible and figure investing is the best […]
February 20, 2020

Acting on impulse?… Aesop on Finance – Part Two

Ever notice how much human beings act on impulse? Advertising companies sure do. So do car dealerships, banks, and your local gym. Every time you go to the checkout counter at a grocery store, the strategically-placed candy bars and tabloid magazines are practically crying out: “Buy me!  Buy me!”… even though five minutes before, you neither needed nor wanted them. Pay attention next time you watch TV, or go to a store, or open your mail. Entire industries are built on capturing the human impulse. Most of the time these impulses are harmless enough, but the worst of them can […]