September 25, 2020

Patriotism. The American Dream. Freedom. Independence.

In 1777, my ancestor, Abraham Scharf, joined the York Militia. He was the first person in a long-line of my family that has served in the military. My Grandfather, Great Uncle, Father, and Uncle all served in the Navy. My Sister and I were in the Army. Currently, my niece, Nadia, is in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, training to be a Firefighter in the Army. We are so excited for her, taking this huge step of commitment in her life. We have a number of great clients who are Veterans of all branches of military. Heroes such as these are why […]
September 25, 2020

Labor Day – The True Meaning

First off, happy Labor Day! We hope you have a nice, long weekend with family and friends. As you know, Labor Day is officially about celebrating the labor movement and the contributions made by laborers to our nation’s history. Unofficially, it’s become a day for fun in the sun. A day for barbecues and beach parties, picnics and parades. As we began planning our own family celebrations, we started thinking about the connection between both the official and the unofficial sides of the holiday. Because if you think about it, we couldn’t have one without the other, could we? Here’s what […]
April 21, 2016

Retirement Planning

Choosing to retire is a huge step in life. Many times it’s an irreversible decision. At first glance it may seem as though it’s a daunting task. One that you’d like to push off to a later date. We encourage you not to push it off. Our clients will tell you that sitting down with us and talking through the process to retirement is rewarding. (Yes, everyone wants to know “Do I have enough to retire?” but we find that even though you may certainly have enough, you may not be mentally ready.) Being mentally ready for retirement is a […]
April 21, 2016

The Primary Determining Factor in Growing and Protecting Your Wealth

Few in our industry will tell you this. But I’m going to put it front and center… The primary determining factor of long-term, real-life investment returns is determined by the behavior of the investor. This primary factor is more important than all of the other factors for investing success combined together. Please, take a moment and re-read the previous paragraph. Research shows1 time and again that investors are best served making a financial plan, funding it with a diverse selection of quality investments, and then investing in those portfolios for a working lifetime. citation: 1 Brinson Study citation regarding 90% […]
February 13, 2016
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