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Growing Your Money - Our Barbell Economy

Our economy today is primarily driven by two large generations. The Boomer's on one side and the Millennials on the other. (Us Gen X-ers are stuck in the middle.) These two generations are huge. The Boomers have 74.9 million people and the Millennials have 75.4 million people. (I like to picture a barbell. With the Boomer's on one side and the Millennials on the other.) Source:

If you are wondering why so many apartment buildings are springing up around town- think Millennials. They now are 13 to 31 years old. The first half of them are out of college and they are living in apartments and condos. They are energizing our downtown's with youthful life- and they have money to spend!

If you are wondering why the radio dial is packed full of paid radio programming geared towards retirement; well that's age driven too. The Boomers are age 52 to 70, with the average age of retirement being about 63. (Hence the back-to-back paid programming on 980 KMBZ, 98.1, and 710 on Saturday mornings talking about Social Security, retirement income, and trading on your own.).

Think about the work that you do. The company that you work for. Or the charity that you volunteer with. Knowing that our barbell economy is driven by Boomers and Millennials, what can you do to take advantage of this opportunity and provide a product or service to engage these two generations?

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