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It has been said before that to build wealth requires patience, a long-term time horizon, and realistic expectations. We believe that is all well and good, but throw in market analysis to help protect from large market declines, research intelligence to help improve investment selection, and use cash as an asset class; now you have our attention.

Through market research we try our best to protect both the market downside and our profits using money management principles. By working to reduce the depths of market declines (or drawdown) we believe we are able to chart a more comfortable course to long-term wealth. Our investing principles remove the emotion from the buying and selling process by having a defined objective.

We believe the stock market is full of inefficiencies. It tends to get too high when greed is in the air and too low when fear has taken over. Market cycles have been and always will be a key to maximizing growth in the investing world. We focus our research on a number of market and economic cycles which provide us with targeted insight. To follow these cycles, we use technical, momentum, sentiment and fundamental analysis. This process helps to guide our investment decisions. By understanding these cycles, we believe the choices we make improve our odds of success for achieving our client’s financial goals.



First and foremost, we like to keep our plans elegantly simple. Second, we start with the end in mind and have an exit strategy in place before we purchase any investment. Third, we stick to our plan and adapt over time as our ever-evolving world changes.

Albert Einstein said it best “Everything should be made a simple as possible. But not simpler.”


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We have refined a process called the LifeMap FORMula™ to support you as your life unfolds and needs evolve.  In the beginning, you may not need all of the steps in our process.  With our process in place, it will unfold over time, instead of creating a huge undertaking up front.  But we want you to know we are here to support you and your family.  Life changes.  We know this.  As it changes, we have a complete process to guide you through the important decisions of life as we create your family investment legacy together.