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Pulling Heartstrings

Imagine looking out into your landscaping and seeing your husband slumped over. Or going in for a routine heart checkup and finding you have a 97% blockage and you are going into surgery right now! Over the past 24 months, we have had six clients with heart issues like these. Thankfully, all of them survived!! Great medical help is awesome in the world that we live.

Our Clients Teach Us Just As Much As We Do Them

Each of these client’s stories had a profound effect on me. It prompted me to have a conversation with my personal physician, Dr. Troy Burns at Pro Partners in Overland Park, KS. (By the way, his direct care medical practice is outstanding and I advise anyone looking for a different healthcare model to consider his model.)

I asked him if there’s anything I can do to prevent something like this from sneaking up on me. He recommended that I go to St. Luke’s South and pay $50 for a cardio scan. (Many hospitals around the country offer the same types of tests.) He said this will give us a baseline of where I am today and then in a few years we can do another scan and see if anything has changed.

He said having this baseline will tell you if your genetics and the food and exercise choices you are making are helping or hurting your body; since each of us reacts differently based on our unique make-up. It won’t guarantee that nothing will ever happen, but it can at least give us baseline.

Keeping Our Hearts In Check

Now, being a bigger guy, I’ve always worried about my heart. I mean my blood pressure, bloodwork, and heart rate have always been fine, but still I worry from time to time. So to say I was anxious to see my results from my cardio scan from St. Luke’s South was an understatement.

I set the appointment for three weeks out. Showed up on- time for the appointment. Paid my $50. Went in to get my scan. They laid me on a table, hooked up a few wires to my chest and the scan was quick. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I waited for 10 minutes for the results and a nurse took me into a private room to review the results with me.

The scan showed that I had a very, very minute amount of plaque and had a pretty clean system. Great news for my heart! I took this to my doctor and now we have a baseline. In five years I’ll go back to St. Luke’s and take the scan again to see if things have changed.

I highly recommend that each of you talk to your primary care physician and consider paying $50 to get a heart scan. If nothing else to have a baseline to monitor as you get older. (And as a side note, not one of my six clients were overweight by much. Most of them were normal or skinny in body type.)

And, while we are talking about heart health, I’d also encourage those of you with children to consider using Athletic Testing Solutions. Their ATS Heart Check can help detect congenital heart problems and abnormalities that don’t show up during a regular checkup or sports physical. They perform many scans onsite at many area schools. Their website is listed below so you can learn more.

Heart Healthy Information

If you are interested to learn more, here are some links:



Athletic Testing Solutions

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinion too. Email me to share your comments.

Keep Thinking Forward and have a great week!

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