Thinking Forward – Pursuit of a Meaningful Retirement

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Thinking Forward - Pursuit of a Meaningful Retirement

Very few of us intend to work forever. At some point, we all retire or at least we desire to lead a work-optional lifestyle. But to make work optional, you must have something meaningful that you are pursuing. Here are some of my musings on this topic that partially answers the question “What is the meaning of my life (i.e. retirement)?”

Love your God. Help your neighbor. Give your time and talents toward worthy goals. Honor your word. Keep an open mind. Inspire your family. Keep a Gratitude list. Treat your body like a temple; not a woodshed. The pursuit towards Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Financial Strength.

Yes, that’s a lofty list. It’s still a work in progress, but it keeps me charging forward each and every day to become more.

Those who retire only to a life of leisure will soon find leisure to become work. As my Pastor, Adam Hamilton said two Sundays ago, "When fun becomes work, it's no longer fun. I can eat nine cookies for fun, but the 10th is work! …How many people do you know who have relocated for retirement to play golf only to find them moving back home within a year or two? At some point, you ask yourself, ‘Do I have to play golf every day?’” This is the unfortunate moment when fun becomes work.

Where Do You Plan To Be When You Retire?

So what's missing? A meaning. A purpose. A pursuit of a worthwhile goal. Giving back. Jim Rohn, the famous philosopher of life, once said: "when the end-of-life comes for you, let it find you climbing up a new mountain of success, not sliding down an old one."

In retirement, figuring out money, income and investing is the easy part. The hard part is giving that control to a professional, personal wealth manager to keep your work-optional lifestyle charted toward a meaningful destination.

And the really hard part, is finding out how you and your spouse will find and create meaning for your retirement. Or as we like to call it the aspiration towards a meaningful, work optional lifestyle.

  • Aspirational: to help you find a worthy goal to pursue.
  • Meaningful: to keep you inspired.
  • Work-Optional: seeing retirement as a frame of mind and not just an end to work.
  • Lifestyle: because everyone is different. Some want retirement centered around grandkids, others want more travel, to start a business, or volunteer more in their community. Your possibilities are endless!

The choices you make today will greatly impact the final third of your life. Imagine what you could accomplish next year if you invested everything you know into its success?

You live in the greatest country in the world, and you have the fortunate opportunity to plan, think, and determine what the pursuit of a meaningful work-optional lifestyle looks, feels, and smells like to you!

At True Private Wealth Management, we've helped hundreds of families find clarity through our True LifeMap process. Wouldn't you love to have yours completed today?

Call us for a second opinion and a cup of coffee. We’d love to sit down and help you put your dreams into writing. To begin building a foundation and working towards its completion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinion too. Email me to share your comments.

Keep Thinking Forward and have a great week!

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