The Limo Story

GuyInCornFieldImagine being picked up in a sleek, black limo by your financial advisor.  Your advisor opens the door and you climb in for your ride to retirement.  You’ve discussed the destination, put together the investment plan, and you’ve set your risk tolerance to 70% stocks and 30% bonds.  The door shuts giving you complete privacy with the glass up between you and the driver.  You make your favorite drink, turn on the television and lean back to relax as the limo heads down the highway.

You realize you slipped into a short nap when you are jolted awake, off-road in your limo.  You look out the window only to see that you are headed down a ravine and into a Kansas cornfield at 70 miles an hour. This can’t end well.  You knock on the glass behind the driver.  No answer.  So you start pounding and screaming at the window.  Still no answer.  You look to your left and right for something heavy and you eye a hammer; and with one big “whack” the glass is broken.

But your troubles don’t end there.  There’s no one driving your car!  The cruise control is set on 70, but your advisor is NOT behind the wheel as you go flying into the cornfield. So you squeeze through the small window; like a Saint Bernard through a cat door; jump behind the wheel and slam on the brakes, bringing the car to a skidding halt.  What went wrong?  You call your advisor and exclaim, “Where are you? Our limo is completely off-track and no one is driving our car.”  He says “just wait, it’ll find its way back to the highway on its own”.  “When?” you ask.  “I don’t know but just be patient, it will come back.”  You think to yourself that this is crazy.  And then you remember about the troubles with buy-and-hold investing.

What happens too often in today’s marketplace is no one is behind the wheel of your investments.  Whether your money is invested for college, a new house, a business start-up, or retirement; most of today’s investment plans are flying down the highway with no one behind the wheel.

If this sounds nuts to you, then we humbly raise our hand to sit behind the wheel of your investments and monitor them each and every day.  We have built a system and a process that allows us to watch all of your investments, make changes as necessary, and provide you with a website to check in on us as we navigate behind the wheel of your personal limousine.  Our process is guided by your personal goals and we can speed up the limo on clear days, slow down when we approach traffic, and even pull off of the road if necessary to protect your wealth from the rough roads on the way to retirement or any of your financial goals.